Serving the Upstate since 1983 and home of UFC welterweight, Stephen "Wonderboy" Thompson. Our Black Belt Martial Arts School is dedicated to helping others develop confidence through self defense skills.



  • Stripe test week will be Dec 6th - 10th. Belt promotions will be on the 11th.

  • Mr. Stephen fights Dec. 18th!

  • GAMMA returns Jan. 15th. See front desk or give us a call for details!





 (available for ages 3-4,5-11,12-15, & Adults)

Kempo Karate is our combined fist art. Kempo Karate is composed of hard fist Karate-Do, soft fist Jiu-Jitsu, and Kobudo. Kempo Karate is the first art a student begins to study.


Kempo Karate teaches sparring and sparring drills to help the student learn basic movement and application of punching and kicking combinations. This part of our curriculum would be classified as Karate-Do (Hard Fist).


Kempo Karate teaches Kempo Defenses which train the student to apply the Jiu-Jitsu (Soft Fist) techniques combined with the hard fist techniques in practical self-defense situations Some examples of this are defenses against grabs, pushes, punches, holds, kicks, and weapons defenses. Control techniques and take-downs are also included. Proper rolling and falling techniques are also included in Kempo Karate training.


Kempo Karate teaches the use of weapons or Kobudo. Both the defense against weapons and the use of weapons round out the student’s training to Shodan (1st Degree Black Belt).


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